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How to easily profit from bitcoin?

Regardless of its legal performance, anyone can use bitcoin to accumulate wealth.

Since the historic bitcoin waterfall event on March 12, 2020, when the price of bitcoin has dropped by 50% in one day, its price has been in a continuous upward trend. In about a year, the price of bitcoin has risen from about $3800 to $64000, a historic bull market. Many people make money from bitcoin, and you want to know how to have fun.

But what does profit mean for bitcoin? Most people think that profit means making more dollars, but I don't agree. We can refute this argument. When your total Satoshi (the number of BTCs you own) increases, you can make a profit in bitcoin. In the final game, when the coin dies, the only thing that matters is bitcoin. When calculating profit, you need to use the correct accounting unit. Bitcoin is the best unit of account, not the falling dollar.

Since you are assessing your wealth in BTC, what would you do? Do you trade bitcoin? Do you trade other cryptocurrencies? Do you try to buy the market at a fixed time, at a low price and sell at a high price? no The easiest way to profit from bitcoin is to buy and hodl. this is it. It's not complicated. It doesn't take any time of the day, and you don't even have to think about it.

The beauty of bitcoin is that it's not investment, it's saving. When you invest, you will use the money you get from your daily work for assets such as stocks and real estate, so that you can make a profit by selling them in the future. You have to take the money and use it to buy assets, and your investment may get worse. To save is to save what you earn, but just to save it - not to take your bitcoin and invest it in other assets that you want to return on, but to leave it there and do nothing.

Saving bitcoin is the best way to increase purchasing power, because of the hard top supply of 21 million BTC and the increase of user adoption rate. All you have to do is sit on bitcoin. There is absolutely no need to take risks with your bitcoin. Since bitcoin is the best performing asset in the past decade and is hoping to become the best performing asset in the last decade, it would be a fool to invest your own bitcoin in other assets.

Bitcoin is not destined to reach a huge bubble of $0; This is just what mainstream haters say when they discredit bitcoin. Once you understand how the bitcoin protocol works, you will realize that there is little risk in using bitcoin as a savings tool. Its price fluctuation is only the reaction of market participants, and has nothing to do with the management of bitcoin. Bitcoin went through the cycle of great prosperity and small depression, and finally went to infinity. Anyone who averages any purchase or average dollar cost into bitcoin and makes it a unit of account benefits from it. No matter what the current dollar price of bitcoin is, every time you stack more satoshis, you'll hit an all-time high.


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