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Musk plays with bitcoin

More and more evidence has begun to show that mask is playing bitcoin between applause, and in a sense bitcoin has become a deep binding with mask. Although mask has not publicly acknowledged it, more and more people begin to believe that mask may be Zhongben Cong. In fact, it doesn't make any sense to talk about whether mask is Zhongben Cong, because bitcoin can still be sought after even if he left zhongbencong.

The reason why such judgment is made is mainly because mask is evasive about bitcoin and Tesla accepts the settlement of bitcoin. The latest drop in bitcoin was also due to Mr. mask saying Tesla would no longer accept bitcoin settlement. Obviously, the hype about bitcoin has been generally hyped in the early market, and more and more focus on someone or company represented by mask and Tesla.

If it is, bitcoin may be moving away from its original meaning and returning to a more centralized and centralized existence. The price of bitcoin can rise and fall because of a person's position, which fully shows how big the bubble can be, and how much people lack confidence in bitcoin. If the momentum continues to develop for a long time, the so-called bitcoin may not be a tool to subvert the traditional monetary system, but become a tool for some people or companies to seek profits.

At this point, we think about the proposition that "when mask plays with bitcoin, it may help us to understand bitcoin and blockchain technology in a deeper and comprehensive way, and even give us a clearer and comprehensive understanding of the special currency. It is necessary to be clear that the author believes that such a thinking is beneficial to bitcoin or blockchain development.

When mask played with bitcoin between applause, bitcoin was departing from its original meaning. According to our understanding of bitcoin, the so-called bitcoin is a existence built on blockchain technology. One of the most prominent features of blockchain technology is decentralization. One of the important reasons for the so-called decentralization is that its value is not only determined by a certain center, but by all those connected to it.

The reality is that the price of bitcoin has been controlled by some sources, and there is no real reasonable and orderly operation mechanism. Some people may refute this view from the previous rise in bitcoin prices, who believe that in the long run, bitcoin prices are rising, and that short ups and downs in such a large cycle do not prove that bitcoin is under control of a certain center.

But if we put bitcoin under the whole monetary system, we will find that the rise of bitcoin is in fact consistent with other types of currency rise, and it has no reference significance. What is really worth noting is that, under a big rise like bitcoin, the harvest of those who dream of prosperity is behind each wave of ups and downs.

Because according to everyone who participates in bitcoin investment, most of them have always wanted to increase bitcoin, and even if the market is very bad, the vision of most people is still rising. If we use blockchain technology to explain this, it doesn't explain: since most people want bitcoin to rise, why did bitcoin prices suddenly fall?

If we must find an answer to this question, it is that bitcoin price is still manipulated by some centralized individual toilets, and its rise and fall are not strictly determined by the nature and connotation of blockchain technology. Based on this logic, we can almost be sure that when mask plays with bitcoin between applause, it is precisely deviated from the original meaning of bitcoin.

When mask played with bitcoin between the paws, bitcoin was showing its original shape. Since the first day of bitcoin, the external understanding of bitcoin has been both negative and positive. The negative people think that the so-called bitcoin will bring many risks, even will appear money laundering, evasion of supervision and other problems; Positive people believe that the so-called bitcoin will bring many convenience, greatly improving the efficiency of the financial industry. From the perspective of the development of bitcoin, the changes it brings to the world are also negative and positive.

We see that some people make a lot of money because of bitcoin, and we also need to see that others lose their money because of bitcoin, and even many evils are also breeding up in bitcoin. Although we have seen some people who are rich because of bitcoin, it is necessary to be clear that those who are rich because of bitcoin are only a few, most of them are cut leeks because of bitcoin.

So when we see the rise and fall of bitcoin and the deep binding and connection of musce, bitcoin is far away from the original intention of actually constructing a currency system independent of the existing one. Its essence is more and more clear and the original form of bitcoin is clear.

Bitcoin has not been the independent monetary system built outside the current monetary system, but has become a tool for some people to collect money and even challenge the existing financial system. From this point of view, we can also realize how timely and necessary it is to carry out the water test and try of legal digital currency. Only by constructing a standardized and transparent legal digital currency system, giving full play to the function and role of digital currency in improving the efficiency of financial operation, and maximizing the function and function of digital currency in anti money laundering and corruption prevention, can digital currency avoid becoming a tool for collecting money.

Although the price of bitcoin is constantly rising and falling because of mask's voice, behind the rise and fall, some people will be taught to have a clearer and clearer understanding of bitcoin itself, so that they can truly realize the original form of bitcoin. This is also a good thing for the promotion of digital currency, especially the legal digital currency.

When mask played with bitcoin between the hands, bitcoin was being reshaped. The lack of deep binding with real economy, especially the lack of deep binding of mainstream real economy, finally, the value of bitcoin is limited to a few scenarios. Even in the current background, bitcoin application scenarios are only limited to the non mainstream scenarios represented by stir fried. So, in many cases, when we are exploring the future of bitcoin, many people just define the future and ultimate destination of bitcoin as a collection.

What does this mean? This shows that bitcoin needs to be reshaped and redefined. It is impossible to define bitcoin as a free existence from the mainstream financial system, which can not achieve healthy and benign development, but can only be a breeding ground for crime and speculation. Although the price of bitcoin has risen to an unprecedented level, the same round of rise and fall we should see is the manipulation and control of bitcoin by the dealers.

Obviously, such a development is very unhealthy. In the past, not only can bitcoin develop for a long time, but even a few application scenarios will be challenged. When bitcoin is forced back into the corner, it has reached a new stage of remolding and reconstruction. How to make bitcoin more accepted, more connected with the real economy, and play its role in settlement and corruption prevention may be the main direction of the development of bitcoin in the future.

It is difficult to continue to think of bitcoin as a speculative means only; It is also difficult to continue to regard bitcoin as a collection method and means. At this time, we need to think about how to find the right way and method to combine bitcoin with the mainstream monetary system. The author always believes that the best combination of bitcoin and mainstream monetary system is the blockchain technology that can be made of bitcoin. By applying blockchain technology to the current monetary system, it can play the decentralized function and role of blockchain technology, so that blockchain technology can be applied in different scenarios, and then the legal digital currency can be used. Perhaps, it is the key to make the value of bitcoin play the greatest role.

When mask played with bitcoin between the paws, bitcoin was moving towards closure and solidifying. One of the important reasons why bitcoin prices rise is its scarcity. When bitcoin becomes a scarce product, its price is very easy to be manipulated and controlled. Whether bitcoin or doggy, a word from mask can make them rise and fall, which means that at some times, they are no longer an open system, but a closed and solidified existence.

As this phenomenon begins to appear more and more, we need to see that bitcoin is moving towards closure and solidification. In many cases, it is no longer an existence that can be extended and broadened infinitely, but becomes a part of the exclusive. In such a closed and solid market, those who have most of the resources can control the market, so that the market can become a tool for them.

Since Tesla refused to accept bitcoin settlement, the price of such a bitcoin has plummeted. What we should also see is that bitcoin is moving towards closure and solidifying. Similarly, we should also see the necessity of constructing an open and liquid legal digital currency. Fortunately, the introduction of legal digital currency represented by digital RMB has given us such a light, and also shows the hope that digital currency can benefit the people more.

By breaking the closed and solidified system similar to bitcoin and injecting new vitality and vitality into digital currency, digital currency can truly become a powerful tool to promote economic and social development, and not only some people are making profits for themselves in order to harvest leeks.

When mask played with bitcoin between the hands, bitcoin was moving towards a new crossroads. It is conceivable that people will see more and more clearly the true face of bitcoin. Maybe at such a moment, we should really look at and think about the new future of the central bank's legal digital currency (DECP)!


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