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Who owns most bitcoin?

Because of the anonymity and decentralization of bitcoin, it is not known (except that the intelligence department may know). At that time, the judgment was that (according to multiple sources), more than 70% of bitcoin was owned by a small circle of 1000 people in the United States and the intelligence department (such as the FBI).

There are 21 million bitcoins in total, and about 18.5 million have been "dug up" so far (more than 25% - 4.5-5 million of which can never be found for various reasons (such as forgetting the password).

At present, more than half (51.42%) of bitcoin holders have only 0-0.001 bitcoins, accounting for only 0.023% of the total number of bitcoins; More than 97.9% of the accounts hold only one bitcoin, that is, more than 38 million accounts, with a total of less than 1 million bitcoins.

The remaining 2.12% of the accounts hold a total of 17.59 million bitcoins. Another way of saying is that 94% of them are controlled by 1.8% of the people. Among them, there are only two accounts with more than 100000 bitcoins, 147000 and 139000 bitcoins respectively (Note: I judge it is the accounts of the FBI and other US intelligence agencies or wall street Goldman Sachs). They control the rise and fall. As long as the regulation of the dark network prevents the channels of pornography, gambling, money laundering and extraordinary asset transfer, bitcoin will collapse

In addition, it's just part of the truth that bitcoin has increased thousands of times over the years. In fact, the vast majority (more than 95%) of bitcoin buyers entered after the price of bitcoin exceeded US $6000 in 2017. That is to say, even buy and hold (buy and hold), it has only increased tenfold. In recent years, not to mention the U.S. stock market (for example, Tesla's share price rose seven times last year alone), even in China's stock market, there are many stocks that have risen more than ten times; Not to mention that bitcoin has long been a big gambling house, with a burst of $150 billion in March alone. That is to say, while a few people are making a lot of money, most people are losing money.


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