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Why did MUSK give up bitcoin for dogcoin?

When musk advocates bitcoin, people will rush in. When he turned to dogcoin, he also announced by the way that he would stop paying for Tesla with bitcoin. Many people often feel that they have become "leeks" unconsciously. For the public, we have some doubts in our hearts: why can musk bring a bloody storm to virtual currency with one or two words?

For mask, it has been a long time since he promoted the dog coin. If he had nothing to do with the dog coin, it would not be possible. The founder of Dog Coin sold dog coins very early, so in such a case, as a super big net red, mask is likely to be the shareholder of dog coin.

Virtual currency is different from stock market, and has the concept of free market, and the whole publicity is decentralization. Nowadays, the virtual money market is still in its early stage compared with stock. Because of the characteristics of decentralization and decentralization, the super big internet red discourse power of mask is very big.

Dog coin is a completely decentralized world. From the birth of a joke in that year to now, from the birth of dis bitcoin to now, it is a form of cryptocurrency that is hard to meet. Because any cryptocurrency existing at this stage is controlled by a certain center more or less. What other network red may do has little influence on these centralized cryptocurrencies, But for a dog coin that is completely decentralized, it is vulnerable to various red nets or large groups. But this effect will also be with the popularity of dog money, more and more competent people or groups can produce.

Maybe for a while, musc will have a hard time influencing the dog coin, which is how it is gradually affected and powerful.

So why is this behavior not under the control of mask at present?

Any new financial derivatives trading market, in the immature stage is the same as dog coin, so it is normal for some influential people who have been involved in the early stage to enter the market easily. When the industry is becoming more and more mature, the regulatory unit will keep up with it. If any individual has some disruptive influence on the market, it will pay corresponding responsibilities.

But because of the total decentralization of dog coin, the creation team of dog coin has been disbanded for many years. At present, there is no owner and such a strong consensus on traffic. At this stage, there is only dog currency. The reasonable solution is to hold it and not to manage it. Its natural growth gradually becomes a giant, and what we have to do is to adapt to it.

Mask just expressed his opinion of liking dog coin. He tweeted CEO dogecoin from 18 to 19. It is a personal behavior. In addition, dog coin is not a product of raising funds, having specific personal interests or group interests. At present, it is a property without ownership. Therefore, there is no regulation or jurisdiction.

Because of the great fluctuation in the early market, many ordinary investors did not intervene more. After all, in an immature market, especially in the global market, the technology impact is still relatively small, and the entrance is difficult to find. Unlike entering the stock market or opening accounts in banks, that is, the threshold of participation is very high, so the impact on ordinary people is not very big. Of course, the market in the later period will become more and more mature, and more and more entrances will be more and more standardized.

Many ordinary investors will prefer to believe in the Internet red in the absence of cognition. There are celebrity halos like mask who "endorse" virtual currency and increase market value. The enthusiasm of investors will undoubtedly be higher.

And virtual currency is far from the real mature trading market. The Internet reduces the threshold of entering the market, and the irrationality of global investors is also magnified in the chaotic market.

Dog money, bitcoin and other virtual currencies are just like bubbles. With musk scrambled money, musk wins money, and those who fantasized about getting rich overnight may eventually become "Daydream dreamers" who "cut leeks".

Of course, we don't deny that mask has contributed to technology, but we don't expect him to be responsible for leeks. After all, money is your own.


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