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Why does America love and hate bitcoin?

However, if bitcoin establishes a just needed monetary system, it will directly threaten the status of the US dollar and shake the economic hegemony of the United States. Of course, in depth, the encryption of bitcoin will even threaten the policy status of the United States. The United States now loves and hates bitcoin. What it loves is that a large amount of bitcoin is now in the hands of consortia in the United States and other western countries. If bitcoin continues to rise in price, they will be the biggest beneficiaries. It is no exaggeration to say that American consortia can use bitcoin to reap a wave of world wealth.

But the United States is also worried that the development of bitcoin is beyond its control. If more and more countries support bitcoin, it will form a consensus system of de dollarization. Appeasement brings disaster to the US, but even the US consortium can harvest a fortune. But bitcoin has already raised the tiger, and the US harvest may be just a bubble. Because if bitcoin really becomes a high consensus currency system, then the traditional legal currency system can be greatly devalued to hedge the wealth reaped by American consortia.

Of course, it's still a little early to say that. It's hard to predict the specific direction of bitcoin in the future. It's just a step by step. The growth process of bitcoin is a process of coexistence of benefits and risks, and it will also be a process of constant controversy. American bitcoin is both love and hate. It wants to use bitcoin to reap a wave of world wealth, but it is afraid that bitcoin will get out of its control.


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