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Dorsi suggested that the Ethiopian government accept bitcoin

According to foreign media reports, dorsi forwarded a tweet from project mano, a lobbying group, on Wednesday in an attempt to push the Ethiopian government to accept bitcoin.

It is reported that mano plan, composed of Ethiopian entrepreneurs, is trying to make the government consider mining and storing bitcoin. In its twitter post on Tuesday, it pointed out that in the past six months or so, the organization has been working hard to promote the Ethiopian government to adopt bitcoin to "fight against growing inequality and global inflation"; Three initiatives based on bitcoin are listed: mining, preserving bitcoin, and linking bitcoin with Ethiopian birr or other legal tender documents.

The project points out that if the proposed bitcoin Ethiopia Renaissance dam is successful, it can not only provide 24-hour electricity for Ethiopian residents, but also, if it can be used for bitcoin mining, it may "generate billions of dollars of income for the economy every year.".

The mano project, which holds bitcoin, can also be used to hedge against the inflation rate of the Ethiopian bill, and points out that the only way for Ethiopia to increase its GDP is to exceed the inflation rate of the US dollar. According to the World Bank Group, Ethiopia is the fastest-growing economy on the African continent, but also "one of the poorest countries with a per capita income of $850."

Later, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and supporter of cryptocurrency, forwarded the tweet. It is reported that the number of twitter fans of project mano has doubled since its tweets were forwarded.

However, the Ethiopian government has also worked with some blockchain companies to benefit its infrastructure. For example, in 2018, an agreement was signed with Charles hoskinson's Cardano company to enable Ethiopian developers to apply blockchain technology to the country's agricultural technology industry.


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